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          Brand “LUTHAI”: a luxury brand started from 2003. “LUTHAI” aims to provide elegant and refined services for the successful. The principles of the pursuit of natural life style, the integration of design and culture, and the focus on cultural concepts all show people’s unremitting pursuit of a better life. By the virtues of exquisite design by the French top designers,combination of classical elements and application of the most advanced processing techniques, the shirts with natural style of the top fabric are characterized with softness, fineness, nature and best comfort of wearing. “LUTHAI” men’s wear highlights men’s nobility, elegance, qualities and the cultural connotation, only for those with top taste and great nobility.

          Brand “LT?GRFF”: a high grade brand started from 1995. “LT?GRFF” advocates high-grade life style and shows the delicate appearance and the elegance of gentleman. With unique comfort of fabrics and exquisite tailoring, it is the best choice to show noble identity and high social status. Relying on qualified fabrics recognized around the world and following the brand principle of “Taste Business”, “LT?GRFF” is focusing on the development of “functional products” directed by with the leading of scientific and technical innovation. On the basis of “high science and technology, high count, high density, multi-functions, wash and wear”, shirts of higher grade and value have been developed, including high count shirt, super non-iron shirt, seamless shirt, hand sewing shirt, nano multifunctional shirt, cotton & wool thermal shirt and silver fiber shirt.

          Brand “BESSSHIRT”: a medium-grade brand for online sales started from 2009. “BESSSHIRT” is short for “BEST” and “SHIRT”. “BESSSHIRT” is targeting on the young and fashion consumers and is aiming to provide the most FASHION choices for the trendsetters with high quality and unique design to create their own Personal Style.

          Brand “CAVAD” is a brand of men's business casual owned by Luthai Group. For those that are optimistic or can see the infinite possibilities of life, CAVAD represents their attitude of both physical and mental health, being the leader in the spirit spread. CAVAD always insists upon good quality, fashion and elegant styles. It aims to provide classic and fashion clothing for those business men, the urban backbones, who are full of self-confidence, dignity and striving for self-value.

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